Partnership Opportunities

At Roke, we leverage our innovative technology to forge partnerships that drive advancement in protein manufacturing. We offer flexible collaboration models designed to meet a variety of needs, from research and development to commercial production, and at every stage of product development, from initial concept to final production. Explore our partnership options and discover how we can support your projects:

Bulk and OEM Enzyme Supply

We provide high-quality bulk or OEM enzymes at the lowest prices in the market. For inquires, contact us at

Licensing of Our Technology

Access our cutting-edge technology for your R&D or commercial production. Our licensing agreements are straightforward and adaptable to your organizational needs. Click here to access our strains

Training (+Licensing)

Let us to train your team on how to use our techonology to ensure a smooth technology transfer. For inquires, contact us at

Low-Cost Process Development (+Licensing)

For partners seeking tailored solutions, we offer licensing coupled with custom process development to suit specific requirements:
a. Strain Design, Construction, and Optimization
b. Fermentation Development
c. Downstream Purification Process Development
For inquires, contact us at

Open Collaboration

We are open to exploring other collaborative opportunities. If you have unique needs or innovative ideas, we are eager to work together to develop innovative solutions. For inquires, contact us at